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Sfakia is a wonderful village located on the southern coast of Crete, below Chania. It is an area that most of those who invaded the island felt it was easier to leave alone than to try to conquer. Its inhabitants would never submit peacefully.
From Sfakia you can reach the Imbros Gorge, which is another amazing crack in the mountains that lead to the sea. It is 7 kilometers long and one of the tallest and narrowest, with many caves and lots of interesting vegetation and rock formations. From Imbros to the coast is only a three-hour walk (at the village of Komitades).

Good to Know

South West of Crete
Distance from Heraklion
Gorging, Swimming, Hiking, Kayaking
Places of Interest nearby
Fragocastello, Samarian Gorge, Moni Prevelis

Apart from gorging, you can also go for swimming in a couple nice beaches within walking distance and excursion by boat or taxi boat to Agia Roumeli.
Walking trails also lead to Agia Roumeli and the entrance of the Samarian Gorge.
Moreover, kayaks are available to rent so as to explore the southern coast of Crete. Even bungee jumping is possible from Vardinoyannis Bridge (the highest bridge in Greece) on the edge of the Ardenas Gorge.
Driving east of Sfakia you pass through several villages that hug the mountainside before coming to a coastal plane and the town of Fragokastelo, named for the 14th Century fortress that sits above a sandy beach. Its a great place for a swim. The castle itself is an interesting brown color and you can go inside and walk around.
You can continue along the coast past the beach resort town of Plakias, and the famous Moni Prevelis.